Thursday, February 26

Mixed Day

Well What a Day - It's one of those days where I wish I could climb back into bed and not face it. But It is nearly the end of the day. So surely no more can go wrong.....

I have prepared a roast leg of lamb for tea with the works baked potato, pumpkin, sweat potato, onion and cauliflower and cheesy white sauce. Yummy and it's nearly time for drinks. So things are looking up.

Just a few quick things.
Here are two photos taken by Jason's Boss's wife while they were flying around. This was after they recieved the four inches at the house - no idea what was out here but it's a lot of water........

Here are a couple of felt cuties that I have been working on. Orange Ghost, White and Orange giraffe, toadstool house, bone and a mythical water creature. All sitting in the box of rose petals waiting to be turned into perfumed bags.

The girls thought our tadpoles need some colour in their tank so they added some leaves. Have to do some research over the weekend to find out more about tadpoles and looking after them.

While looking on the net the other day I came across this blog
By Genie Sea

I read this poem that she had written and fell in love with it and made my day brighter.
Have a read and see how you feel.....
Today I invite all of you to aPicnic!Bring something fun with you!
a favorite song that makes your body groove
a delicious dish that makes your mouth water
a marvelous link that makes your mind go AH!
a great book that transports you to another realm
an inspiring person who makes your soul do the happy dance
an act of kindness that brings joy to the heart
a funny joke that fills your lungs with laughter
a fascinating video that makes your mind juices flow
a piece of art that puts you in a reverie
a thought that flows into your blood
And Share it with US!Let's celebrate!
Whether it's hot or cold outside. Sunny or snowing. Let's take a moment and gather together and share our blessings, in a wonderful creative picnic.
Thank you Genie Sea for letting me post your poem.
Well that's it for tonight. My "Frangelico Slide" is calling me from the house.
Till next time
Happy Creating

1 comment:

Genie Sea said...

Awww! You're welcome honey! I am honored you wanted to post it :) I am very happy it brought you joy. I hope today is a better day.

And that lamb meal you made... YUM! :)