Friday, February 6


HI Everyone
Well our temperture prediction for today is 47 degrees C. It is already 38 on my verandah and it's not even 10 o clock yet. I think lots of things will be done inside today under the air con and lots of water sprayed about for the animals.

Here are some word arts I have been completeing over the last two days.

If you remember HALCYON is my word for 2009 - this art work is to hang in the school room near my desk to remind me to have Halcyon Days.
This one isn't very clear but it says:-
Sing out of tune
Fly away
Laugh out loud
Dream big
ANd it has a picture to go with all the words. I drew this while watching my favourite TV show last night Ghost Whisper. I wasn't concentrating on what I was drawing, I just drew.

Live Laugh and Love, This is on a clear plastic sheet which I am going to hang on our school room window just to add some colour to it.

When I cleaned up my scrap/spare room I found lots of letter stickers which I had put away due to not having enough of the right letters to make words. I saw a letter collage on a website and thought I would try it.
I am happy with the results. This is one of Five that I created. The others are already hanging on my wall at home so will include photo of them when I get around to it.
Playing with my pastels again.

I have also been busy making 3D objects but due to not having my camera connection am unable to put photos onto the computer. Hopefully I will beable to post them on my blog tomorrow when I am home.
Something I found on the net while surfing yesterday was a lady in USA who has a hedgehog as a pet. You have to have a permit to have one and they take a lot of looking after, having to wash their quills and then dry them Ouch!! Some people have the strangest pets.
Well That's about all for today. Am off to do some more watering and spraying then house cleaning.
Until next time
Happy Creating

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