Wednesday, February 18

Cooler Today

How is Everyone? It is a lot cooler today then when I last wrote as well as a lot wetter. On Monday we had nearly 2 inches of rain here at work. We had over 5 inches at home and Bourke had over 9 inches. There is water lying here at work and H and I have been walking with the girls in the water each after noon. Will up load some photos when I have a chance.
The cooler weather is also nice. To think this time two weeks ago our school thermeter was reading above 40 every afternoon and this week I don't think we have hit the 20 mark. I am not complaining but some more rain would be nice.
I am unable to get home due to the rain so will be out at work for two weeks unless we have more rain.
The Hello photo above is my large writing artwork. The letters are just under two metres high. I wrote it on one of the clay flats out the back of the property where I work.

Since writing last time I have been to South Australia and back 3007km round trip. Jason had the week off and so did I so we decided to head down to SA for some fishing and some R&R.

Jason and I on the longest wooden jetty in Australia. 1.5km to the end.

Not many photos from the trip as they are still on camera will upload some more when I have a chance. Now for some other bits and pieces that I have been doing.

Brought myself a paper quilling set while I was away for a whole $1. Had some fun trying it out while traveling in the car. I think I will enjoy adding some paper quills to my artworks.

Here are my two pirates. Saw a really old ship and thought it looked like a pirate ship so while Jason fished on the jetty I drew the pirates that were sitting on the ship watching us. I was kind of bored and frezzing so was coming up with silly ideas to distract me from the cold weather.
While we were jetty fishing at night the full moon came up over the town. I wanted to try out my camera skills and took these photos of the moon reflecting in the sea water, at different hieghts.Then I just had some fun. Love these effects. Am going to use them for backgrounds in my journal.
Last but not least, I saw an art work while I was away that was made up of squares the a variety of pictures drawn in them. I decided I could do this so drew up a page 6 x 10 inch squares and drew. Here is my finally masterpiece.
Well that's about all I have time for today as School is in full swing and the girls will be needing my help soon. Till next time
Happy Creating.

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