Tuesday, February 24

Busy Sketching

HI Everyone
Where do I start???? I have been so busy the last couple of days with work and at home that I seem to be chancing my tail to get things done - but at the same time I feel like I have done everything that I need to be doing.
Muggy weather today which isn't helping my train of thoughts as them seem to be as cloudy as ever today.

On with my art work as this I have been able to think clearly about.

TO:- this sketch I filled the squares randomly with To.... then drew pictures to represent each To.... - for example To Live - This art work came about from the song To Live Laugh and Love by I think Kenny Chesney, which was playing in the background when I opened my book. TO LIVE
Plan and simple....

Everything seems to be growing in my garden now after the rain we had which is a good thing as I thought all my trees were dying on me.

Was watching Tv lying on my right side - book open in front of me - show finished this is what I had drawn with my left hand. I like how it makes the trees look real.

Just felt colouring in.

I drew this page while the girls were in the school room working without needing my help.

While I was supervising the girls in the pool it started to rain/mist. I was doodling faces and liked the way the rain/mist on my page helped bring out the colours in the pastels.

I seem to have Time in my head at the moment as this is what I drew this morning - The writing under neath are all things to do with time. - moments in.... around the clock..... etc etc.

Had best be going as Work Duties are calling.....
Till next time
Happy creating....

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Leah said...

I love the left-hand sketch trees! I've drawn trees that way once before and it does make the look alive!