Wednesday, March 4

Lost my craft attitude

Hi everyone
Just a quick post saying I won't be posting anything for a while. I just haven't been in the mood to do anything crafty - drawing, painting, writing, sewing, knitting, any of my usual stuff.
I haven't even written in my scrap journal - last entry was the 18th of Feb.
So I have decided to take a break from everything crafty.
Hopefully in a few weeks I will get my creative swing back and have lots to share with you all.
Until Then
Happy creating to everyone else.


Genie Sea said...

Have a nice rest, and may your creative juices restore and flow easily. :)

Secret Leaves said...

I just went through two weeks of that--couldn't get my mojo working. But it's better now. :)

Jul said...

Enjoy your break! I hope you come back energized and full of ideas.