Friday, January 29

Items from my 26 to do List

Two blog entries in one day......
I have completed my first mini book from 12 that I I want to complete from my item 16 on my 26 things to do before 2011 list (see side bar).

It is called - My Collectable Collections - and it is nine different cards about the different things that I collect.
Here it is
All closed up
Open with all tags inside
One side of the tags
Other side of tag

Eleven more mini books / off the page projects left to complete.

Few Other things I have started to do on my list:-

Item 19 - Have read two books - My Story the Snowny Scheme, and Milad The voyage to Ohpir and I have started my third book Wizard of Rondo.

Item 22 - Held an Australia Day Quiz night on the 26th and it was a big success.

Item 15 - have selected, print and put my wedding photos into an album

Item 11 - Have enrolled in Elise's Style School - will post photos when create some of the projects

Item 3 - Nature up close is the theme for my Januray 365 day project

Item 1 - have sorted and used some items from my drawers.

Well that's it for this blog

Till Next Time

Happy Creating


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