Friday, January 29

End of January Already...

My Pot Of Gold
The end of January already. So much for me wanting to blog on a regular basis. I must admit I have been away for nearly all of the month and haven't had internet connections.
So what has happened this year so far:-

Jason and I went away for a holiday at the start of January for 9 days to South Australia, then Victoria then Home. We did over 3000km but it was fun.
Had lots of relaxing times catching up with family and friends and seeing/visiting places for the first time.
Me at Tunibuck Beach in SA
Standing on top of Mount Pilot in Vic
In front of Wool Shed Falls in Vic
Testing the water temp at Wool Shed Falls
While away we travelled through Echuca and I was like a child in a candy shop. At the water front in Echuca they make their own (in separate shops)
Hard Boiled Lollies
and Chocolate
YUMMY. Will definitely have to visit there again.
While we were away we sold our sea boat and during the cleaning of the boat Jason found a bees nest. This was how much honey comb was in the nest. I have brought it home and might try and make bees wax candles. Any one have any ideas as to how to create them?

Once we were home, for two days, we then went and looked after our friends property for 10 days.
Apart from watering the garden and feeding the animals I didn't have much to do so I completed these two pictures
Dolphins (paint by numbers)
Dogs (colour by number)
They were both very realxing to complete. I have to more colour by numbers which I want to do this year. (item 17 on my 26 to do things)
Old glasses and bottles are in at the moment for decorating the house. While I was walking around the property we were looking after I came across these ones, and while I was in town I was able to purchase all the plastic flowers for $1 (due to them not having stems) but I figured that steel wire would look better in the bottles and glasses any way). They now are sitting on my book case at the end of the lounge room.

I have also created all of these magnets. I was sick of looking at the boring magnets on my frideg so I created these ones using magnet tape and odds and ends out of my drawers. (item 1 on my 26 to do list) I haven't emptied my drawers yet but I did clean the out and I have four drawers out of six with items in them and one of those has stamps so I really only have three drawers left with items in them to use.

Have lots of house work to catch up on as well as gardening so had better be going.

Till next time

Happy Creating


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