Saturday, November 14

Two weeks of CEDM creativeness

This morning when I went to go outside I was greated with this sight. The pups have grown so much over the last couple of days and they are now becoming quite adventures. Plus due to the hot hot weather we are having at the moment the pups are camping under the house with the other dogs and it is funny listening to them play and explore as we hear everything through the floor boards.

Two weeks of Creative Everyday Month is over and already my A5 display folder has a variety of creativeness. Here is a sample of some of the things I have started/finished/experimented with so far

November 1st – Erased Turtle Shell
I drew this on the back of a piece of card stock with a pen then sanded the opposite side to revel the shell. Not 100% happy with the way it turned out but I did complete it while sitting on the edge of a river.

November 2nd – Colourful Garden

This was some fun I had with gel pens. I had been in the garden most of the day so the garden theme was on my mind.

November 3rd – Sewing Flower Display and start of Down on the Farm

Don't know how this one came about but something different for me to do while I watch TV. Am hoping to finish Down on the Farm next week at work.

November 4th and November 5th – Didn't do anything on either of these two days as I was working for one of the and didn't feel like doing anything after work and the other day I just ran out of time after doing paper work and house work for most of the day.
Did this doodle picture which has no theme or anything just doodle while on the phone.

November 6th – ICE Penguin and Mount Oxley in Pencil

I was watching Ice Age 2 and this is the picture that turned up on my page while I was doodling. I love the penguin which is funny as there are no penguins in Ice Age 2.

The Mount Oxley picture is part of the girls school work. We have four different tasks to do over the next couple of weeks so will be including them all.

November 7th – Mount Oxley in Paint and the start of a Wanted Poster.

Haven't finished this Mount Oxley painting yet as I will finish it with the girls when we go back to the school room.
One of the girls has a unit on Bushrangers this term and one of the activities she has chosen to do is a wanted poster. So we experimented today with tea and coffee stained pages to make the background. This page was created by fully dunking the page in a coffee and tea mix then adding coffee on the back to create the darker spots for a more aged look. Will be finishing this poster when I return to the school room.
November 8th - Nothing to record on this day due to drafting goats all day in the heat and not having any energy left when I got home.
Novemebr 9th - Plant Sketch
You can't really see the plant but I found it while we were down at the river fishing and thought I would try and sketch it as I have never seen it before.
November 10th - Owl drawing
I found an art book for children while I was on camp this week and I really liked the way they drew the owls so while having my morning coffee while the childen at the camp all slept I started to draw this picture. Hopefully I will add more to it over the next few weeks.
November 11th and 12th - Dots and Lines

One of the sessions the children did while on the camp this week was Aborignial Art works. I started this canvas to help show the children some of the different techniques that was used. There are four different areas in this picture - where I live - the swirls painted with dots, what I can here - the river and the fish swimming, what I can touch - the flowers in the neighbours garden and what I can see - which is the big purple area one as I haven't finished it yet - it will be the dogs in the back yard.

This is a close up of the flowers. This technique would have to be my favourite on the canvas so far. draw the pattern into the wet paint then add the dots when it is dry.

This was the storm front that appeared on Thursday night. We had gale force winds that blew a few trees over in the neighbours yard and well as blowing my strawberry patch guard to the tennis courts three house blocks away. Even though the wind scared me I quite enjoyed watching the sunset.
Well That's it for this entry
Until next time
Happy Creating


KathrynAntyr said...

It is so hard to believe that we are at the 1/2 way mark! Can it really be? It has been a fabulous two weeks so far and I can see that you've been a creative busy bee. Keep up the good work.

CorazonArt said...

It's great to see how art morphs every day! Very cool, (and love the penguin too by the way). Thanks for sharing!

Tammy Vitale said...

came through from AEDM browinsgin - the aboriginal art canvas is exquisite!