Thursday, November 26

Totally Random Entry

Well this would have to be a surprise blog entry. I have been able to access my blog on the school computer so thought I would blog with what ever I had here at work. The following are a mixture of AEDM creativenss along with some totally random things. Sit back and enjoy. Lots of Photos. :-) :-)

Favourite photo at the Moment.

These two piglets were near the water trough that Jason was cleaning. The mother pig and two other piglets ran away but these two were quite happy staying in the water over flow. I like the colours, but Jason informs me they will grow out of that colour as they become older. Shame they look so cute.
Have wanted to try this stlye of book mark for a while now and the other day I finally did and I am very surprised at how easy it was to create. Will be making more of these in the near future I think.
Saw this Swan while helping Jason out on the place he works. Thye are such graceful birds. I could have watched him for hours.
These Rainbow Bee Eaters come in for a drink from the pool. This day I decided to see how good my camera is, and I have to say I am very happy with the results condersing that the birds were over 50 metres away.

The day I took these photos was very HOT 46 degrees C. The birds were all flying around with their beaks open that's how hot it was.

In these photos I was trying to capture the little headed birds which are called Crimson Chats. They are very hard to capture on camera as they fly away with the slightest sound/disturbance. In the end I managed to capture three of them and one near the puddle from the sprinkler.

Saw this idea in a craft magazine and thought I would give it a try. Me Mosaic. All the squares represent something about me at the moment. Wether it be colours I like, things I do, food I enjoy or flowers I like.

Rainbow of squares. This was created using coloured textured squares out of six different magazines, Food Ideas, Better Homes and Garden, Woman's Weekly, Scrapbooking Ideas, Country Living, Hats for the season.

This just came together while waiting for the girls to finish there work.
The writing reads - Show your true colours, Stand out and BE Yourself, Make a statement.

I finished my Wanted Poster. The girls thought it was very sweet.
Can't really see these but I went see through ATCs. One for each season - Signs of Spring, Let it snow, Colours of Autumn, The heat of Summer. How I created them was putting them through the laminator.

Finished Mount Oxley Painting.
Mount Oxley in Charcoal. I would have to say I don't like this one.

Mount Oxley in Pastels. Favourite Mount Oxley picture.
While supervising the girls in the pool I heard frogs and this is the results of my doodling while supervising.
These next two art works where a challenge in a magazine. Which is more powerful - Black or White?
Well that's it for another blog entry.
Till Next Time
Happy Creating


beadsbycolor said...

Your pictures are great,I love the colorful birds,and your magazine squares collage are wonderful.
Thank you for sharing.

Lori Spindler said...

The rainbow of squares collage is stunning!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

such a lovely combination of creativity. Sort of like an art buffet or, here in the US, a lush Thanksgiving buffet.