Thursday, October 29

Lots of Photos and ABC

This morning when I woke up I decided I wanted to do some sewing so that's what I did. I have started to make a patchwork teddy bear that I saw in the Better Homes and Garden Magazine. If they work the way I am hoping there might be more made in the future - some purple and blue maybe.....
Here is my progress. I have been hand sewing them as Jason was still in bed asleep and I didn't want to wake him with the sewing machine going.
The Pattern Pieces

All the Pieces cut out - I saw these material colours when I was in Spotlight when in Dubbo earlier this month and bought them cause I liked the colours - I didn't have any idea what I was going to use them for. Now I do....

The Nose and Ears sewn up and that's as far as I got. My fingers became sore from holding the fabric tight. Might do some more later or tomorrow.
My first attempt at a cappuccino made with the coffee machine Jason and I were given as a wedding gift. I think I will need a lot more practice before I invite people over for one... :-)

Went rouse abouting with Jason yesterday and it had been looking like it was going to storm all day. Well at lunch time it let go. We had 80 sheep that couldn't fit in the shed so they got soaked. There was water every where but when J.S emptyed the rain gauge it only had 6 ml....... The rain was all gone with in 15 minutes and the sun was out again. Unfornately it wasn't very wide spread.

This guy gave me such a fright. I walked out of the front door at work and only saw it's tail. Well first thought it was a snake and where was J. When I walked ever so slowly around the corner to find a shovel and to see what sort of snake it was, I was surprised with what I saw. I called J over and we both watched this guy have a drink. As J told her teacher "I couldn't see the water but the baby goanna could."

I love this flower - Fringed Lily - I have taken to sketching/doodling it when I have a spare moment instead of my normal daisy flowers
Just a photo to share -
My frog with a blue head -
They are getting so fat. The puppies are starting to explore now not going far out of the kennel but coming out all the same. Gave them a drink of milk this morning and I wish I had a video camera to flim them drinking it, they would dip their whole nose in then they would lick the milk off the other puppies while they had their face licked.
Love flowers with rain drops on them -
I found this baby diver while out helping Jason load goatsnear a ground tank. I didn't bring him home but I so could have.
I found this ABC this morning while blog surfing and liked the idea so here is my version (have a look at to see where I got the idea from)
A = Age (25 nearly 26)
B = Bed size (Queen)
C = Chore you hate (washing dishes)
D = Dog (My Shelley and her five puppies, Jason's Milo and Dog)
E = Essential to start your day (two cups of coffee)
F = Favourite colour (purple, blue, magenta I can't choose)
G = Gold (White gold for me)
H = Height (1metre 72cm)
I = I’ve come to learn (that paper work never ends)
J = Judge (Don't judge people before you know them)
K = Kids (not yet but would like four altogether )
L = Living (slowly)
M = Mood (relaxed)
N = Nicknames (Don't have one)
O = Owl (Boo Book who lived in the shearing shed at work)
P = Peeve (?????)
Q = Quote (SMILE it won't break the bank.)
R = Reckless (when I haven't done anything for myself in a while)
S = Siblings (three one brother two sisters)
T = Time you wake up (depending on the day normally around 6.00)
U = Unhappy (when I have a messy house and don't want to clean it)
V = Vegetable you ate last (broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, peas, corn and pumpkin in my fried rice)
W = Want (more time in the day)
X = Xenophobic (?????)
Y = Yearn (for a new craft space - I need a change - reoraginse)
Z = Zealous (for Jason)
That's it for now
Keep a look out form my Creative Every Day Month Creativity...
Till Next Time
Happy Creating

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