Sunday, October 25

Where has the month gone....

Well what a month.................... Where has it gone? We are already over half way through October before we know it it will be Christmas and then 2010........Where has my year gone?

The only good thing about this year I have actually achieved so much on my want to do in my life list that I don't mind that it has gone quickly.

I found this on Ali Edwards blog sight when I was reading it the other day and thought it was a good way to sum up what is happening right here and now. Here is my version

Outside my window....The wind is blowing like crazy and it is howling through the windows.

I am thinking …......... that I really don't have time for blogging today but I am going to blog anyway

I am thankful for.....Jason and my family and friends who support me no matter what I do.
From the Kitchen....I can here the kettle boiling ready for my 2nd cup of morning coffee – Hazelnut Latte Yum

I am oldest pair of shorts that should be thrown out but they are so comfy and my old hot pink work t-shirt

I am creating.... a list of things that I would like to complete this week while I am at home.

I am spring clean the house again to remove all the dust, and to make some changes in the furniture arrangements

I am hoping.....that it will rain out here over everyone's place so that the drought will finish and so that we stop having these dust storms.

I am hearing.....The Best Of The Country Music Channel 2007 playing on my computer

Around the house.....there is a huge mess in my spare room – due to unpacking and repacking storage boxes from under the bed – I didn't realise I had so much STUFF..

One of my favourite things.... spending time with Jason on the river just cruising....

A picture to share....
While also serving the web today I remembered Creative Everyday Month which is in November. I am definitively joining up for it again. I have a small A5 display folder which I am going to use to keep all my work in the one spot. I am also going to do what I did last year a try and use a variety of mediums and types of craft over the month. I have written a list down of all the things I would like to use that I have found while cleaning up and things that I am going to do. Here it is so far:-textas – plain and metallic, pencils – lead, coloured and metallic, paints – water colour, poster, acrylic, crackle medium paint, crayons – wax, normal, metallic, pastels. Different creations – drawings, paintings, sketching, cross stitch, felt work, jewelery making, cards, sewing. And what ever else I happen to be doing.....
That's all I have time for today. While home this week i will hopefully have time to update my blog with some more stuff.
Till Next time

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