Wednesday, March 25


I am back and I have lots to share with you all. I seem to have found my creative mo-jo over the weekend. Didn’t do much but started doodling and drawing which made me smile and realize I love being creative.

Some of my creative stuff to share with you

Stuff One: - Have knitted two more teddy bears. The green and blue one reminds me of Sully off Monster Inc. (Children’s Movie) and the smaller one I knitted because Jason’s mum challenged me to make a small bear so I did. Could have made it smaller but would have needed smaller needles and finer yarn but it’s the smallest I have made.
Stuff Two: - Flowers and more flowers. Pencil, crayon and pencil shavings.

Stuff Three: - My five minute drawing. I saw this challenge in a children’s art book. Using texta’s or crayons draw a hilly scene with some detail but spend no more then five minutes in drawing it. So basically you start with the out line and then you colour in and add more detail until your time runs out.
Stuff Four: - I found a really great website which you can make your own pattern paper. This is one that I created then coloured. Found it very relaxing just to colour.
Stuff Five: - Yellow inchies – this was the theme for the inchy by inch website two weeks ago. I created them one mini sticky notes.

Stuff Six: - Down in the Garden - Post Card - One of the 100 ideas activities was to create a post card with something happening on it. Well all the bugs and insects have come out in my garden and are being very active so the bugs on the post card remind me of all the things happening in the garden.
Couple of photos for you now.

Remember the tadpoles that the girls have as school pets well they are growing into frogs. This one is Bob.

Rain Rain glorious Rain – this was two weeks ago – and inch in about two hours – lots of puddles to go walking in and playing in.
That’s about all I have for this post. Hopefully I will have more before the end of the week
Till then
Happy creating.


Genie Sea said...

WOW! How beautifully and creatively prolific! It was like an art exhibit that I meandered through, exclaiming, "AH! OH! WONDERFUL!" :)

KnittingJourneyman said...

it definitely seems as if your hiatus was beneficial-what great work

Mousey said...

ooohh I love those flowers made from the pencil shavings!!

Gorgeous artwork :o)

Leah said...

yay! Isn't it wonderful when creative mojo comes rushing back?

We all have down periods, but it does feel great when the creativity starts flowing again.

I love that little teddy bear. :-) So cute!