Sunday, December 27

MERRY CHRISTMAS, Creative Everyday, New Scrap Corner

to everyone.
I hope you all had a great day where ever you were. We were lucky enough to have some rain on Christmas Eve and a little bit on Christmas Day. Only 65points but it's a start. It is still over cast today and has the feeling that it could come in and storm. I have hung washing on the line to dry so knowing my luck it will come in and rain.

Jason and I had to go and check the animals at the place we are care taking and due to the rain had to go on the bike. This was the result ............
Ingore the date on the photo. Jason's mum took the photos for us on her camera and she hasn't reset the date since changing the batteries. It was a long trip but it was also lots of fun.

Didn't have a Christmas tree this year. We were going to have a real one but time got away from us so in the end I decorated the wall above where I put the presents. I think it looks very effictive and the best bit it is doesn't take long to take down afterwards.
This is the photo opportunity that I was greeted with this morning when I went out the back door. They look so sweet and innocent looking over the top of the outside lounge seat but in reality they were chasing each other around like puppies do jumping and playing on the lounge. As long as they don't chew the seat covers I don't mind :-)
It's not clean by any means and I still have lots to do but here is my new scrap corner. As you can see from the pictures I have a lot of natural light on my desk (which I am loving) where before I had my back to the windows.

This months Creative Everyday theme was Recycle. For this theme I am recycling all my old scrap booking stuff and giving them new life and using them in my scrap journal.

I have also recycled my scrap journal by using an old diary I was given that I didn't use.

The Diary is sitting in the middle of my desk and the "mess" around the diary is the first lot of scrapbooking stuff I am using.

I am liking using my old supplies and giving them a new life that I think for my January scrap journal I will again use an old diary that I was given and contiune to recycle my supplies.
The following is a picture of the drawers taken out of the chest of drawers in the corner of the room. When I took these out I didn't realise I had so much "stuff" that I have bought and not used so one of my new years resolutions is to not buy any more "stuff" for my scrap journals until I have used what I have already got.
As Lorraine Bate says on the Scrapbook Creations DVD No. 4 - we have bought the items because we like them, we now need to use them instead of keeping them in the drawers.
These may look like buttons staked on top of each other - which they are - but I have stuck magnet strips on the back of them and now have funky new fridge magnets.

In my last blog entry I said I would scan some of my pictures in that I had drawn/sketeched while on the motor bike working with Jason.
Well here they are.
Some aren't very clear, this is due to the diary being very bulky and the scanner lid not being able to close properly.

Well that's it for this entry. Hope everyone is having a relaxing creative break. Hopefully I will have more photos before New Years Eve.
Till Then

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Hi Emma,

How is the heat, we are having great weather at the moment here in Adelaide?