Friday, May 1

Just a quick post

Hi Everyone
It may be the first of May today but it felt like the first of winter. I had a look at our school thermometre this morning around 7.45 and it was only 4 degrees C. Arrgghh Imagine what winter will be like. Thankfully the days are still warming up.

Just two quick pictures today:-
Here are my Bling Inchies - Love Hope and Charity.

Here is something that I have been working on this week while the girls have been busy with there school work.

ONly problem is I don't know which way I will hang it in my lounge room. Out or in??????

I will be hanging a picture in the middle.
Am looking forward to the Creative Everyday topic this month - NATURE - will ebable to have lots of fun with it.
Happy Creating Everyone.
Till Next Time


Leah said...

Oh, I love this frame/art piece!! great colors! And i look forward to seeing what you'll do with Nature!!

freebird said...

Out! I like how that looks better than the in. Just my little ol' opinion.

I like your inchies. Very nice bling with the sentiments the best bling of all.

missy k said...

Lovely inchies... and the frame is stunning.

ps thanks for the congrats on my luck in winning the prize....