Thursday, May 7

Colours and Nature

Hi Everyone

Lots of colourfull art works happening here.

The girls created these ones - a line one and a circle one each. They are their mother's day gifts for Sunday.
I like how bright they are so had to make two for my self which I will hang in my scraproom when I get home.
My sister Trudy liked the blue line work I did and wanted some so am now creating some for her to hang in her room at Uni. This is how much I have done so far.
This months Creative Everyday Topic is NATURE so I thought what better way to start off this topic with making our own paper. The girls, H and I had lots of fun making the paper as well as making a very large mess.
I won't be making paper again in a hurry but haven't completely wiped it off my to try again list. This is the sunrise I had coming to work on Monday.

Well I had better get back to work.
Till Next time
Happy Creating


freebird said...

I haven't yet tried making paper. I have everything I need to do it - it's the idea of messy that keeps me from doing it!

The girls are certainly getting to experiment with lots of different art techniques. That's really good for them.

Leah said...

Yay! This is such a fun post!! I loved seeing the handmade paper too!!