Thursday, June 4


HI Everyone

Where has the time gone? I seem to be running out of time and there are not enough hours in the day for me to complete everything that is written on my to do list.

Apart from having the flu and staying in bed, not having internet access (still not working properly at home) being away, rain and wet roads I suppose the reason that I am so busy is I have two major things in my life happening this year and I need to have them orgainsed before they can happen.

What are those two major things you ask?

- Number one is in July – Jason and I are off over seas to Europe/Germany for a month

- Number two is in September – Jason and I are getting married

So as you can see I have a bit on my plate at the moment. Both are good things just lots to get orgainsed.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MY LITTLE SISTER TRUDY who celebrated her birthday and is longer a “Teen”, on the first of June along with my grandmother and HAPPY 2nd Birthday to RYAN – one cheeky little Boy :-)

Lots of photos now for you to look at.

Photos from the May’s CED topic – NATURE

My Bark Dog :-) :-)
Love watching Ants rebuild their nests/hills after the rain - all the fine crumbles of sand.

A cool leaf I found on the ground - it looks like it has fossilised.
How cool is this sun set...........
This Red Robin was a very patient Bird. It took me six photos before I managed to have it focus - the sun was directly behind him so I had to keep moving around him.

Very Foggy - I like fogs - they are magical - They feel like an Unicorn or dragon should appear through the mist

Some Collages that I have been doing with the girls as part of their school work.

A bower Birds nest/bow that is near where Jason is staying at the moment. It always has new things each time I look at it.

I am lucky enough to know a person who has an opal mine - he was showing me some of the opals that he had when he was up and this one had to be my favourite. I love the circle patterns in it.
Here is one of the Zebra Finch nests that we have under our tank stand at home. There are three of them - when I hang the washing out I can hear the baby birds calling out to their parents. They have all left home now but I am hoping they will be back again next breeding season.
Photos from this months CED topic – SOUND
I change the writing on the black board ever other day – it is out on the side verandah and you see it as you come back from going to the loo – the girls like it when I change what is there, both trying to guess what the next picture will be.

Seeing as this months CED topic is sound I thought I would write my top ten sounds at the time of posting each blog entry: -

1:- hearing Jason’s voice when I speak to him each night
2:- rain on a tin roof
3:- birds singing their morning song
4:- random music playing softly in the background in the school room
5:- girls laughter while they are playing
6:- the timer on the microwave to let us know that our dessert is cooked
7:- gentle breeze blowing through the tree tops
8:- sounds of pencils moving, rulers being put down, scissors cutting – school is in progress
9:- boiling water in the kettle – coffee time
10:- friends chatting over the coffee
Just a random thing:-
Leaving foot prints in the sand

The Beaches of Cheyenne By Garth Brooks

They say she just went crazyScreamin' out his name She ran out into the ocean And to this day they claim That if you go down by the waterYou'll see her footprints in the sand'Cause every night she walks them beaches of Cheyenne.Nobody can explain itSome say she's still aliveThey even claim they've seen herOn the shoreline late at night. 'Cause if you go down by the water You'll see her footprints in the sand'Cause every night she walks them beaches of Cheyenne.

I Love this song by Garth Brooks. (have only included the last two verses of the song) The song talks about how her partner went somewhere and never came back and then she went crazy etc
I love this song not because of that reason but the foot prints in the sand – you never see her but her foot prints are there.
When we go for our walks in the mornings and afternoons – we see small animal tracks in the sand but we never see the animals that make them and I always think of this song – we never see them but we see where they have been – leaving their foot prints in the sand.Yes call me crazy if you like for relating animal tracks in the sand back to this song but I have thought of it ever since I started walking in the sand and seeing the tracks.

Just Some random photos I like at the moment:-
- three dogs on the front seat - very squishy :-) :-)
Saw this gnome in the shop - just had to buy it......

We have some spolit dogs at home - not that Jason will admit it though - this is where Milo (dog at back) and Oates (dog at front) sleep when it gets cold - on the lounge in the back shed. Other dogs sleep on the single seat lounges on the other side.
SPOT THE DOG...........
Milo was very buggered this day - didn't move when we threw the cushion onto him....
Well that’s about all I have for this entry.
Don’t know when I will blog again but hopefully sooner rather then later.
Happy Creating


Neek said...

phew! what a post! Congrats on the upcoming nuptials! :) Cannot wait to see the photos.

You will have a fabbo trip overseas I am sure. Again cannot wait to read about it all.

Anonymous said...

just happened upon this whilst searching for zebra finches, very randonm !! but cool.
al. uk.